Gvl Boringen Pipe Pusher

Pipe-Pusher ®

This Van Leeuwen Sleufloze Technieken patented pipe pressure device with an endless conveying mechanism can be used during the pull-in process of Horizontal Directional Drilling.

Pipe – Pusher

The Pipe pusher, patent number P29271, is a pipeline pressure device with endless conveying means used during a retraining process of horizontally controlled drilling.

The invention relates to a line pressure device used for reducing tensile forces on a transport pipeline during the pulling of the transport pipeline into and through a shaft which has been drilled into the ground and which extends at least partly in horizontal direction. In particular, the invention relates to a line pressure device which is used during a process of horizontally controlled drilling. During the last phase of the HDD process, the transport pipe is pulled. The end of the transport pipe is connected onto the reamer. In order to be able to pull the assembly of drilling line, reamer and transport line through the shaft, a pulling force has to be exerted onto it. The pipe is fed between the wheel pairs of the Pipe pusher. The drive of the wheels ensures an exertion of a thrust on the transport line. This thrust reduces the tensile force required to pull the transport conduit into the drilled shaft. As a result, the pipe pusher can ensure that, when a certain capacity of the drill-pulling device is used, a greater length of a pipe can be drawn through a drilled shaft.

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