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Drill Wildmil Park Gemini Northsea

Bouwcombinatie BvL (formed by Bam Nelis de Ruiter bv and VLTT) has successfully withdrawn the 2nd and last jacket pipe for the export cables of the Gemini wind farm on the 20th of February 2015.”



Van Oord Marine Ingenuity

Implementation period


Bore Lenght

2x ca. 800 m

Bore Cross-section



The drillings were carried out to connect the Gemini wind farm with Eemshaven. To do this, two sea cables had to be crossed between the Wadden Eilanden Rottumerplaat and the city of Borkum. In order to be able to drill at sea, the drilling machine was placed on a jack-up pontoon. The jack-up was at the exit via entry and exit casings. The pipes to be retracted were welded in Eemshaven and towed with tugboats 17 km to the exit point. VLTT took care of the engineering, the drilling, the logistics and the installation of the dozens of guiding, mooring piles and tubular piles for the casings.

Special Circumstances

After completing both HDDs the combination was allowed to carry out additional scope, i.e. “Pull in the export cables” in the HDD casing.