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Gas pipe Santa Domingo

Construction of a gas pipeline between two power plants.



Seaboard Corporation

Implementation period


Bore Lenght

Diverse boringen – 398 m | 665 m | 1.556 m

Bore Cross-section

12” gasleiding


By meand of three horizontal directional drillings (HDD), a gas pipeline was constructed completely trenchless between two power plants in Santa Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. The first borehole has been drilled over a lenght of 665 m in rock bed from the Los Minas power plant to the banks of the Ozama river. The second drilling over a length of 1.556 m was a new record for VLTT. This drill was carried out the Estrella del Mar power plant and describes an S-bend underneath the Ozama river. Retracting the 12” gas pipe went smoothly. The Ozama was crossed with a third drilling of approx. 398 m. Due to the required depth of 10 m minus water level, the drilling was carried out from the hills on the east bank and came out between the palm trees on the west bank. The first and third boreholes were connected on the bank shore.

Special Circumstances

The directional drilling ends in the same bank from where she departed. During the drilling in the soft subsurface there were four confrontations with unknown obstacles such as boulders, rock peaks, old construction materials, lost ships, waste, tree trunks, etc. Nevertheless, the drilling ended exactly at the location as requested by our client Seabord Corporation. The job was done in collaboration with Ballast Nedam International Projects (Project Management), Ballast Nedam Infra B.V. (Legal), Ballast Nedam Infra Special Projects (Logistics & Procurement), Van Leeuwen Trenchless Technology B.V. (Drilling Services), Ingenieursbureau Harmelen B.V. (Engineering) and HDD Fluids B.V. (Drilling Fluids).