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LEDI Subsea Drilling® MSC Napoli

The new invention of VLTT and DISA Maritime, the underwater anchor drilling machine has been successfully operated to install multiple chains underneath the stern of the MSC Napoli, a container ship stranded of the coast of England.”



Implementation period

Bore Lenght

Bore Cross-section

12 hijskettingen van ca. 60 cm doorsnede


In order to be able to install the twelve lifting chains, the wreck was drilled through and for the first time this will be done with a drilling installation placed on the seabed, which is a revolution in salvaging shipwrecks. In a first salvage operation, all containers were unloaded from the ship and bunkers were removed. The bow has also been towed away for scrapping. The remaining wreckage has an estimated total weight of 3.800 tons. The intention was to demolish the stern, with a lenght of approximately 65 m and a width of 36 m, on site. In order to dismantle the stern of the MSC Napoli, the wreckage must be lifted. To this end, drilling is being carried out underneath the shipwreck to install twelve lifting chains. Pontoons, each equipped with twelve specially designed winches (chain pulling machines), are moored parallel to both sides of the wreck. The cranes on both pontoons will then lift the demolished wreckage and place them on the pontoons where they can be cut into smaller sections.

Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances The wreckage is partly sunk in the seabed of Lyme Bay off the English south coast. The demolition will continue until the weight of the stern is has been reduced, after which it is decided wether the remaining wreckage part will be lifted entirely or wheter the demolition process will continue until the remains can be removed together with both pontoons.