72 HDDs for high-voltage grid Oterleek-Westwoud
  • 72 HDD’s Hoogspanningsnet Oterleek-Westwoud

72 HDDs for high-voltage grid Oterleek-Westwoud

Van Leeuwen Sleufloze Technieken performs 72 HDD drillings for extra capacity on the high-voltage grid between Oterleek and Westwoud. The drills vary from 50 meters to one kilometer.

The new connection between the high-voltage substations in Oterleek and Westwoud will be laid over a length of 22 kilometer and will be built to prevent shortages on the high-voltage grid. An underground cable has been chosen for the new connection. This new underground 150kV high-voltage connection provides extra capacity and reduces the chance of large-scale power outages in the region.

  • Date 5 October 2017
  • Tags HHD (Horizontal Directional Drilling)