Rotterdam Duct of Noord Lot 4

Rotterdam Duct of Noord Lot 4

Eneco will install a heat transfer pipeline system between AVR-Rozenburg (Rotterdam-Botlek) and the E.ON plant (Rotterdam, Nieuw-Mathenesse) in 2013 and 2014. The route variant Duct of Noord was chosen from a number of options. This variant is divided into four lots.

Siers Pipeline-assembly projects Oldenzaal e.g. has been commissioned by Eneco for the construction of the heat transport pipelines in Lot 4 (Schiedam – Rotterdam, Nieuw-Mathenesse). As a subcontractor to Siers, Gebr. van Leeuwen Boringen B.V. the piercing, departure and receiving vats in this lot.

The pipeline route in Lot 4 is located on the border between the municipalities of Schiedam and Rotterdam. Lot 4 contains 12 strains, 2 of which are parallel. The total length is approximately 1050m in a diameter of DN1200. The crossings are shown in the figure and table below.

overzichtfoto doorpersingen rotterdam

  • Date 5 October 2017
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