Subsea Drilling

GvL Boringen Subsea Drilling

Subsea Drilling ®

The salvage market demands for very precise placement of chains and slings in order to lift or segment ships. Traditional methods have proven to be time-consuming and not accurate enough. Van Leeuwen offers a far better solution and for a fraction of the costs.

The subsea Drill Rig developed by Van Leeuwen is the solution for the exact placement of chains and slings below shipwrecks. The machine is placed on the seabed and operated by a control-unit onboard a of a ship, pontoon or jack-up. During the drilling process divers are solely needed to disconnect the drill head and to attach a reamer and chain. This allows us to work with far less equipment. Our method and technique enables a faster, cheaper and more accurate placement of chains than any of the other existing alternatives.



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