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Boringen Gesloten front


Van Leeuwen Sleufloze Technieken often develops and uses custom-made closed front equipment. An important advantage is that the drills and the equipment are interchangeable… > Read more

Boringen Gesloten front

Pipe Jacking

Auger Boring, although relatively labour-intensive, is often requested and required on account of cost consideration. This Pipe Jacking method is roughly comparable to manual excavation….. > Read more

hd horizontaal gestuurde boring gebr van leeuwen

HDD-Directional Drilling

Van Leeuwen Sleufloze Technieken offers mini, midi and maxi-rigs available for the directional drilling of diameters ranging from 25 mm to 1300 mm. All known pipe materials can be used, such as steel, polyethylene (PE)… > Read more

Subsea drilling gebr van leeuwen

Subsea Drilling

The salvage market demands for very precise placement of chains and slings in order to lift or segment ships. Traditional methods have proven to be time-consuming and not accurate enough.
Van Leeuwen Sleufloze Technieken offers a far better solution and for a fraction of the costs….. > Read more


MT-Piling is a new method of Vertical Microtunneling, developed by Van Leeuwen Sleufloze Technieken to install tubular pile wall foundations up to great depths (>75 m). This technique is particularly suitable for large construction- or infrastructural works in rural areas…. > Read more

Boringen Pipe Pusher


This Van Leeuwen Sleufloze Technieken patented pipe pressure device with an endless conveying mechanism can be used during the pull-in process of (HDD) Horizontal Directional Drilling… > Read more

Raketdoorpersboringen gebr van leeuwen

Pipe Ramming

Our specialized Pipe Ramming team is active throughout the Netherlands on a daily basis. Using this open front technique, a pneumatic hammer presses the pipe out front or pulls it from behind… > Read more

gab gebr van leeuwen


The first step when performing a Guided Auger Boring is drilling a so called ‘straight pilot boring’. This allows us to define the exact trajectory for the placement of the final jacking tube.. … > Read more

Direct Drilling gebr van leeuwen

Direct Drill

The principle of Direct Drill is based upon the well known and proven technologies of Horizontal Directional Drilling and Microtunneling. Direct Drill is a combination of the finest features of these two techniques… > Read more

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