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We are the specialist in trenchless techniques

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“Finish what you start!” is the VLTT motto. Our stable market position today is based on innovative solutions, and developing and building our own equipment. Equally important of course is the inventiveness, hard work and flexibility of our people. Involvement, responsibility, pleasure in the work and perseverance are core values for us. We combine our passion for pioneering with realistic entrepreneurship and a pragmatic approach. And that is the VLTT vision!

Our techniques

We make use of a variety of machines and techniques. Thanks to the techniques applied by VLTT, drilling can be directed accurately up to a few centimetres, therefore also allowing slight bends to be created. Would you like to read more about our techniques, also at sea? Click here.

We have animations to clarify a number of the techniques. Click the icon and check out the video!

Open Front Drilling

Closed Front Drilling (CFT)

HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling




Subsea Drilling


Trenchless removal of cables and pipelines

About us

Van Leeuwen Trenchless Technology, generally known as VLTT, was established by two brothers, Anton and Ries van Leeuwen, in 1969. One of the first milestones was the development of a drilling machine capable of horizontal drilling, in 1979.

Our projects

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VLTT has a flat organisational structure. Here, you have room for growth and we believe in giving you the opportunity to do so. Together we can determine what works best for you. VLTT is growing healthily, and is involved in exciting projects at home and abroad. We are therefore always looking for new colleagues to boost our team!