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Van leeuwen trenchless technology


Leading in trenchless technologies

As leading specialist in the field of trenchless technology Van Leeuwen Trenchless Technologies stands for innovation, practical solutions, thorough preparation and precisive execution of each project. Our strong market position is largely based on our flexibility and the inventive quality of our employees. It’s not without reason that we are widely known as the company that keeps on going, where others quit. Innovative thinking, courage and plain dare have led Van Leeuwen Trenchless Technologies to its current quality level and position. We have a by nature very strong focus on creating solutions.And we are prepared to take each matter far, often further than our competitors.


Van Leeuwen Trenchless Technologies (VLTT) has a strong independent position as a specialist in all types of drilling. Since the 1960’s, VLTT has focused on innovative trenchless techniques for crossing roads, railways, waterways and underground infrastructure.


“Finish what you start!” Is the motto at VLTT. Innovative solutions, developing and building equipment ourselves provides our current stable market position. That and just as important, the inventiveness, commitment and flexibility of our employees. Commitment, responsibility, pleasure in the profession and perseverance are core values ​​for us. Love to pioneer, enjoy your work, realistic entrepreneurship and a pragmatic approach. That is what we stand for at VLTT!


Knowledge is crucial for a specialized and constantly innovating company. We are affiliated with the DCA-Europe (Drilling Contractors Association), an international network for knowledge acquisition, risk management and training in HDD (horizontal directional drilling).


VLTT holds several patents, including Pipepusher.com, LEDI Subsea Drilling and MT Piling. “Every problem is interesting, every possible solution is worth investigating” VLTT is part of a larger organization that includes several contracting companies. For us, this means an extension of our possibilities and scope.