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Van Leeuwen Trenchless Technology (VLTT) commands a strong and independent position as a specialist in all types of drilling work. Since our start in the 1960s, VLTT has been committed to providing innovative trenchless techniques for the crossing of roads, railroads, waterways and underground infrastructure.

the story behind VLTT

Van Leeuwen Trenchless Technology, generally known as VLTT, was established by two brothers, Anton and Ries van Leeuwen, in 1969. One of the first milestones was the development of a drilling machine capable of horizontal drilling, in 1979. The brothers executed their first trenchless drilling project back in 1988.

2019 was a special year, in which the brothers changed their name to VLTT. What started as a family duo has since developed into a company employing 115 people, and executing drilling work worldwide.

Yet the brotherhood of Anton and Ries is still felt daily within the VLTT team. A true family firm!

VLTT corporate video


The installation of pipelines and cables beneath the ground is becoming increasingly complex. There are already so many pipelines, cables and casing pipes in the ground, with more and more being added. VLTT holds various patents, including the Pipe-Pusher®, LEDI Subsea Drilling® and MT-Piling®. In order to achieve this, we work with the most modern and sustainable materials. All construction work takes place within the VLTT team at our state-of-the-art facilities!

“No is never really a feasible answer at VLTT, as any possible solution is worth researching”.

In 2013, Van Leeuwen Trenchless Technology became a member of Valutum, a private equity firm which facilitates companies in management and organisation. Taking this step has enabled the brothers to concentrate on their own objectives and clients.


VLTT recognises its position in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We make efforts for a better living environment in many fields. Please refer to the Valutum parent company for more precise information.

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