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"Unburdening the customer is important"

“For VLTT Engineering is a term that we do not only encounter when creating a design for one of our trenchless techniques. ‘Designing’ is a core element in our business. It goes without saying that we have engineers and technical draughts men who are prepared to turn any challenging project into an approved drilling plan. By making use of the craftsmanship and the experience of 50 years of drilling. There is no challenge we avoid, there’s always a solution, the complexity of it varies. All projects are tested for feasibility and environment through close collaboration between implementation and engineering. After that, the design process starts, which ultimately leads to a drilling plan to carry out the assignment. However, engineering does not stop with designing the ideal drilling line.
Special equipment is built in-house for various projects, all according to international standards and certifications. In our workshop, reinforced by mechanical engineers, adjustments or optimizations to our machines are quickly realized. A critical part of drilling is the mud (bentonite), by setting up our own bentonite factory, we now always have the best flush. Our factory has an extensive laboratory where mud engineers put together project-specific flushes. At VLST, engineering is about bringing together the available craftsmanship and experience, that's how we stand time and again.​