by nature'

“Vertical microtunnelling is an innovative method whereby the closed front technique, or shield drilling, is applied to construct a foundation of tubular walls to a great depth (> 75 m).”


When to opt for MT Piles?

This method is particularly suitable for large-scale construction or infrastructural works in urban areas.

What are the advantages?

  • Compact design
  • Applicable within limited working space
  • Possibility of installing heavyweight foundation piles at a great depth
  • Vibration-free technique
  • The tubes are fitted with locks, allowing the space between piles to be sealed in various manners

How does it work?

MT piles (micro-tunnelling piles) are drilled tubular piles, whereby the drill head is recovered following installation. VLTT developed this technique in collaboration with Strukton Betonbouw for the replacement of the foundation under Central station in Amsterdam, as part of the construction of the Noord-Zuid line. Given that the pipes are not driven into the soil in a rotating fashion, they can be provided with locks and the space between the piles can be sealed in a number of different ways. The method makes it possible to drive heavyweight foundation piles deep into the soil without any vibrations and in a limited working space.