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HDD Drilling | Replacing oil pressure connection underneath the A27 near Gorinchem

In 2021, the A27 interstate between Houten and the Hooipolder junction will be widened along a stretch of 47 km to improve future traffic flow. This means that a large part of the existing oil pressure connection underneath the A27 near Gorinchem has to be replaced. This connection runs through a densely populated area with lots of nature and existing water, gas and electricity infrastructure. With a traditional excavation, the work would damage the flora and fauna and cause a great deal of inconvenience to the residents. That is why a different approach and solution was needed.



BAM-Infra energy and water | Stedin
Implementation period
2020 – 2021

Bore Lenght

12 m PPE pipes were welded together as 6 independent pipes, the borehole stretches 1.100 m

Bore Cross-section

PPE Pipes


The trenchless technique used in this particular project is Horizontal Directional Drilling. This means that the long pipes, in which the new cables will eventually lie, will be placed underground by drilling a tunnel. This tunnel is drilled by two powerful machines, placed on the Grote Haarsekade and at the junction with the A15 interstate. We made a pilot drilling with our 150 Tons drilling machine. Then we reamed it to get the right diameter and after that we pulled back the pipes. The drilling, of more than 1.100 m in complex subsurface under existing water, gas and electricity infrastructure, was completed within two months without any problems. The locals of the residential area experienced no problems and we cleared the job without damage to the natural environment and ecosystem. This was possible thanks to our advanced equipment, professional teams and meet-in-the-middle technology.
Special Circumstances
The drilling trajectory is located in various soil layers, Gorinchem is known for its complex subsoil. The extended length of the trajectory, combined with the weak soil demands for a special meet-in-the-middle technology. Two machines that drill towards each other to minimize mud pressure. Meet-in-the-middle technology means that the two machines must drill closer to each other with an accuracy within a decimetre.