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HDD Java Sea Indonesia

VLTT carried out an HDD on behalf of PT CGS (Coal Gas Solutions) in December 2013 in the Java Sea 20 mls from Surabaya.”



PT CGS (Coal Gas Solutions)

Implementation period


Bore Lenght

610 m

Bore Cross-section

12” Concrete Coated Gasleiding | De HDD kruist een bestaande 18”HESS live Pipeline


The Ketapang project consists of the construction of a 12” concrete coated gas pipeline for client Petronas. The HDD crosses an existing 18” HESS live pipeline. The drilling operation was carried out from a barge underneath the existing pipeline to an exit barge.

Special Circumstances

pipeline, which was fully welded to the seabed, was withdrawn into the borehole. A very nice and successful project thanks to PT CGS!