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LEDI Subsea Drilling Republica di Genova

The Ro-Ro ship Republica di Genova of the Italian shipping company Grimaldi Lines had capsized at the time in the Waasland harbour near Antwerp due to a technical defect. The vessel suddenly leaned to starboard and capsized. The 34 crew members and 9 passengers had already disembarked by then. The captain noticed on Wednesday evening that the stability of the 216 m long ship was not okay. Part of the Italian and Romanian crew had already disembarked by then. It was because of the firm actions of the captain there we no casualties. During the accident, containers above deck and a number of trucks ended up between the quay and the ship



Grimaldi Lines

Implementation period


Bore Lenght

Bore Cross-section


VLTT, at the time still a subcontractor of DISA, has pierced the reaction of slings underneath the ship

Special Circumstances