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"As the name suggests, the Pipe Pusher is quite literally a pipe pressure device which reduces the push and pull forces exerted on a pipeline during transport above or below ground. The Pipe Pusher, patent number P29271, is a pipe pressure device with endless transport organs for use during installation using horizontal directional drilling. Our 130-ton Pipe Pusher has a range of Ø 219 mm – Ø 1420 mm / 8” – 56” and uses four profile rubber tracks to exert its forces on the pipeline. The 50-ton Pipe Pusher, with a range of Ø 280 mm – Ø 1220 mm / 11”-48”, uses solid rubber tyres.


When to opt for the Pipe Pusher?

The Pipe Pusher was developed by VLTT for use during the horizontal directional drilling technique (HDD) in order to reduce the necessary tensile force of the rig, to centre the pipeline in the bore hole and to greatly reduce the weight of the pipeline on the roller conveyor. Furthermore, our Pipe Pushers are used to install pipelines at shore approaches. The Pipe Pushers are also deployed to install pipelines in casing pipes, and to realign transport pipelines.

What are the advantages of the Pipe Pusher?

  • Reduces the required tensile force of the rig
  • Centres pipeline in the bore hole
  • Greatly reduces the weight of the pipeline on the roller conveyors
  • Endless transport facilities

How does it work?

The bore hole is created using an HDD rig which conducts a pilot drilling and a so-called push-reaming from the shore, after which the Pipe Pusher pushes the pipe into the bore hole.

Pipe pusher