by nature'


A new connection route was commissioned by the Provincial Executive of Zuid-Holland, to be constructed between the existing Veilingroute and Burgemeester Elsweg in Naaldwijk. The Veilingroute had already been extended. The connection of this extended Veilingroute (Verlengde Veilingroute) to the Lange Broekweg N222 was to be combined with another project: widening of the N222. This connection between the two routes and the N222 was executed in mid-2018.



Provincial Executive of Zuid-Holland
Implementation period
February 2018

Bore Lenght

760 m

Bore Cross-section

Ø 630 mm / After installing casing pipes, a bundle of 7 pipes – 5x ø160 mm and 2x ø110 mm


The combination of projects limited the traffic hinder during execution. The road construction works began with relocation or removal of the cables and pipelines. A preliminary survey showed that a Westland Infra medium-voltage network route needed to be relocated. Mourik – MVOI was commissioned by Westland Infra (manager of the 20 kV medium-voltage route) to relocate this route. All stakeholders, contractor Mourik, MVOI, Van Leeuwen Trenchless Technology and DTE engineers, pulled together to ensure optimum execution of all processes. This enabled us to shorten the complete process, from the request for relocation of cables all the way to realisation, by more than 12 months. And so the road construction work could start without delay. We began the HDD pilot boring of approximately 760 metres on 16 October. The bore hole was eventually enlarged to a diameter of 630 mm, after which the casing pipes were pulled into place, comprising a bundle of 7 pipes – 5x ø160 mm and 2x ø110 mm.
Special Circumstances
The initial drilling process attracted great attention from the commissioning party, the Provincial Executive of Zuid-Holland and from the regional press, as this was an extremely important component for the progress of the project. The collaboration between Van Leeuwen Trenchless Technology and DTE made a great success of the HDD boring project.