by nature'

During salvage operations, chains or hoisting straps need to be precisely positioned under shipwrecks. Traditional methods are time consuming and imprecise. VLTT can execute this at a fraction of the costs.

Subsea Drilling®

When to opt for Subsea Drilling?

The Subsea Drill Rig developed by VLTT is the solution for extremely precise positioning of chains and hoisting straps under shipwrecks.

What are the advantages?

  • Quicker than traditional methods
  • Less expensive than traditional methods
  • Requires a relatively small equipment package
  • Positioning of chain much more precisely than existing systems

How does it work?

The machine is installed on the seabed and operated via a control unit on board of a vessel, pontoon or jack-up. During the drilling operation, the only manpower therefore required is divers for disconnection of the drill head and attachment of a reamer and chain. Relatively small-scale equipment is therefore used. This is quicker and less expensive, while the positioning of the chain to be attached is much more precise than existing systems. And so this can now be done much more quickly and cheaply. This is the first time Subsea Drilling has been executed from the seabed.

Subsea Drilling