by nature'
“The salvage market is all about placing chains or slings precisely underneath shipwrecks. Traditional methods are time consuming and imprecise. VLTT delivers innovative solutions at a fraction of the normal costs."

Subsea Drilling®

When to choose Subsea Drilling?

The Subsea Drilling rig (underwater drilling machine) developed by VLTT is the solution for the very precise application of chains and slings underneath shipwrecks.

What are the advantages?

  • Less time consuming compared to traditional methods
  • A lot cheaper in comparison to traditional methods
  • Relatively small equipment package needed
  • Locating the chain or sling is much more accurate compared to existing systems

How does it work?

The underwater drilling machine is placed onto the seabed and operated from a control unit on board of a ship, pontoon or jack-up. During the drilling operation only divers are needed to disconnect the drill bit and to attach the reamer and chain. Therefore it is possible to work with a relatively small equipment package. This is faster and cheaper and the location of the chain to be applied is much more accurate compared to existing systems. Subsea Drilling from the seabed is unique.

Subsea Drilling