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LEDI Subsea Drilling® Storage Vinca Gorthon

Installation of 30 lifting and cutting chains under the ship Vinca Gorthon. The Vinca Gorthon from shipping company ABN Helsingborg in Sweden was built in 1987 and is a roll-on, roll-off vessel. It was on its way from Oskarshamn in Sweden to Antwerp with rolls of paper. In bad weather the cargo shifted and eventually the ship capsized near an oil drilling platform. The ship broke apart behind the bridge.



Titan Salvage

Implementation period


Bore Lenght

Ca. 690 m hijs en zaagkettingen | op een diepte van 12 m

Bore Cross-section

Hijs- en zaagkettingen


LEDI Subsea Drilling B.V. a joint venture of VLTT and DISA Maritime bvba, has installed 30 chains at sea under the Vinca Gorthon by means of HDD at sea (LEDI Subsea Drilling ®). The purpose of the chains is to cut the ship into parts and then hoist it part by part out of the water.

Special Circumstances

The Vinca Gorthon was an obstacle to shipping traffic because it is located at a depth of 25 m in a busy shipping route. It measures 19.000 ton, is 166 m long and 23 m wide. The urgency to salvage the ship was high due in particular to the increasing developments in offshore energy, such as oil, gas and wind farms. Salvage company Titan Salvage expected to have the ship removed by November 2010.The wreck may be at a depth of 25 m, but due to the hight of the wreck, the depth on site is only 15 m and that is exactly how deep the large container carriers and bulk ships are.