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In 2021, the A27 between Houten and the Hooipolder interchange was expanded over a length of 47 kilometers to improve future traffic flow. As a result, a large part of the existing oil pressure line on the A27 in Gorinchem had to be replaced. This line ran through a densely populated area with lots of nature and existing water, gas and electricity infrastructure. In the case of a conventional excavation, the work would have damaged the flora and fauna and caused significant disruption to local residents. Therefore, another solution was sought.



BAM-Infra Energie en Water | Stedin
Implementation period
period: 2020 – 2021

Bore Lenght

12 m long PPE pipes were welded together as 6 independent pipes, in total the bore was 1.1 km long

Bore Cross-section

PPE pipes


The trenchless pipeline construction technology used in this project was horizontal drilling. This means that the long pipes in which the new cables would ultimately be laid had to be laid in a tunnel drilled underground. This tunnel was drilled with two powerful machines that will be located at the Grote Haarsekade and at the intersection with the A15. We carried out a pilot drilling with our 150 ton drill. We then widened the hole to achieve the desired diameter and pulled in the pipes. The drilling of more than 1,100 meters beneath complex water, gas and electricity infrastructure was completed within two months without any problems. With satisfied residents of the residential area and no damage to nature. This was possible thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, professional teams and our “meet-in-the-middle” technology.
Special Circumstances
The drilling took place in different layers of soil, as Gorinchem is known for its complex subsoil. The length combined with the weak bottom posed a challenge. Therefore, we used a special “meet-in-the-middle” technique. Two drills move towards each other to minimize mud pressure. The “meet-in-the-middle” technology means that the two machines have to drill towards each other with precision to the decimeter.